Light Board Corp - RC Croozer

Light Board Corp - RC Croozer

Light Board Corp - RC Croozer

Brand :Light Board Corp
Product Code :lbc-rc-croozer
Availability :Pre-Order
Date Available: 01-06-2020
  • £600.00

The Light Board Corp - RC Croozer

The Light Board Corp RC Croozer is designed for heavyweight larger surfers and comes with a wider forward outline.

The wide point is just a little in front of the centre. The main purpose of this design is to allow for more volume which translates to easier paddling and wave catching while still accommodating a short rail for tight arcs.

This combination allows it to paddle well, make drops and fit you into the barrel.

The RC CROOZER is a very user friendly high performance shortboard designed to charge from 3 to 8ft.

It´s a great board for heavyier weight surfers looking for performance or intermediates enjoying the user friendly handling, ease of paddle and wave catching abilities.

Taking this in mind we recommend the RC CROOZER as an alternative & hybrid surfboard for surfers less than 85kg with lots of volume and stability. For surfers of 90kg+ it is a rock solid high performance model with some extra foam under the chest.

With the pulled in tail it suits beach breaks and shines in reefbreak conditions.

Tech Talk: Polyester PU, Blank Xtra, Silmar 249BB Resin, Aerialite 1x4oz Bottom, 1x4oz+16oz deck, Carbon Patch Rounded Pintail, Single to Double Concave V, Centre Stringer, Premium Custom Quality, 5 fin set up

ModelDimensionVolume LtrsFinishFin SystemRRP
RC Croozer6´6" x 21" x 2.88"43.17WetrubFCS2 no fins included£600

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