Palm Maverick G1 4‑piece paddle

Palm Maverick G1 4‑piece paddle

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Date Available: 30-09-2023
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Palm Maverick G1 4‑piece paddle

The Palm Maverick G1 4pc paddle is ideal as a spare, this four-piece Maverick has a glass reinforced polypropylene blade, strong glass fibre shaft and a coupling in the centre and at either blade so it can be broken down to stow away, or adjusted to be left or right handed.

  • Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene blade
  • Four -piece paddle with glass fibre spigot
  • Select 45° feather left or right settings
  • Large blade shape with dihedral
  • Ovalised shaft


  • Adjustable 45° left or right-hand feather
  • Buoyancy foam in shaft
  • Ovalised shaft index grip
  • Shaft Ø 31.5 mm

680 cm² blade area

1201 g (197 cm)

Glass fibre shaft, polypropylene glass filled blade

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