Restube floatation tubes are engineered in Germany.

Kitesurfer Christopher Fuhrhop found himself in troublr while out enjoying his sport. He made it safely to land and subsequently designed the Restube.

Used globally by over 100,000 people the Restube gives security and reassurance for watersports enthusiasts.

Restube Basic


Restube Basic The Restube basic is worn around the hips. It is reduced to its basic function and i..

Restube Classic


Restube Classic The Restube Classic can be worn horizontally or vertically at the hip. When mounte..

Restube Lifeguard


Restube Lifeguard - for professionals to rescue others The Restube lifeguard was developed in clos..

Restube Swim


Restube Swim The Restube swim is the next logical step of the RESTUBE idea. With a weight of just ..

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