SIC RS (SF) 14'0" x 21.5" 240L Lite

SIC RS (SF) 14'0" x 21.5" 240L Lite

SIC RS (SF) 14'0" x 21.5" 240L Lite

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SIC RS (SF) 14'0" X 21.5" 240Litre Lite

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The RS has become a huge favourite amongst paddlers of nearly all levels and garnering the prestigious SUPConnect “Race Board of The Year” award in both 2018 and 2019.

The RS has now been fine tuned and made even faster and stronger. The refinements are slight but the improvement to top-end speed is significant. The nose has been pulled in slightly from the wide point giving it even better into-the-wind performance, acceleration and top-end speed. The volume from the rails has been stacked back into the top deck and shaped into a higher centre peak to sheer water and pop up more quickly when the nose punches through chop. The nose of the 14’0” was lowered by approximately 1/4”/635 cm and the tail lowered by 1/2”/1.27cm to optimise the waterline while the rocker line remains unchanged based on the rider feedback. The cockpit has been lowered slightly.

The all new Super Fly (SF) construction has been a massive leap forward in durability, stiffness and overall performance. With a full PVC wrapped core to give the board tremendous impact resistance with its tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap few boards can compare.


  • Length 14'0"
  • Width 21.5"
  • Board weight 23.1
  • Volume 240 L
  • Shaper - Mark Raaphorts
  • Fins setup - Single Fin
  • Center fin - Weedless 8.3"
  • Fins supplied - 8.3" Weedles 3K Carbon

The RS (SF) 14'0" x 21.5" Low Volume comes with:

  • Super Fly Construction (SF): Full PVC Sandwich with Carbon wrapping the EPS core (top, bottom, 360 degree rails),
  • Step-Channel Bottom,
  • 12K carbon Weedless fin (8.3”),
  • EZ-Grab handle,
  • Race handles (2),
  • Bungee tie downs,
  • Leash plug,
  • Gore-Tex™ breather vent,
  • Action camera mount on nose,
  • Ideal user weight: 135 lbs / 61.2 kg

Package Includes

  • RS (SF) 14'0" x 21.5'' Stand-Up Paddle
  • 8.3’’ Weedles 3K Carbon fin

SUP Board
Length 14'0"
Width 21.5"
Volume 240L
Board Weight 23.1lbs / 10.47Kg

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