Starboard Wingboard - Lite Tech 7.0

Starboard Wingboard - Lite Tech 7.0

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Starboard Wingboard - Lite Tech 7.0 x 31"

The Wingboard range takes design inspiration from Starboard's high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind. The aim of the Wingboard is to give maximum performance in a small size while catering for the rider's level, from beginner to expert. The volume in the nose of these boards makes recovery from touch-downs incredibly easy, accelerating a rider's wing foiling progression massively.

The 115 litre 6'3" is the most popular model, easy foiling its primary objective, with the 7'0" x 31" at 140 litres offering heavier riders a more stable platform. We're seeing growing sales in the smaller sizes as foilers progress to shorter, more compact shapes like the 5'2" models, available in 27.5" and 30" wide options.


From our experience, there is a lot of overlap between these ranges, with both models highly suitable for wing foiling. The Wingboard is a little easier to recover touch-downs and releases from the water with less rider-input. However, applying a little more active technique on the Take Off and it releases very well, possibly more easily than the Wingboard when pumping the foil. The Take Off is the more versatile shape, being suited to SUP foiling too, with the more rounded outline allowing more aggressive carving when low to the water, whether on a wave or in transitions.

Don't forget that BOARD BAGS are available for most models. Please note that the FOOTSTRAP SET IS AN OPTIONAL EXTRA (supplied as standard on Carbon boards but not supplied with Lite Tech Wingboards).

7'0" x 31" (145 Litres)

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