Islander Koa Duo Sport

Islander Koa Duo Sport

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Islander Koa Duo Sport

Two plus one! The Koa Duo is a tandem for the whole family. With three seats it paddles great with one, two or three passengers (or three captains if you prefer!!)

It’s wide enough to be stable and easy to climb aboard, but also fast and sleek in the water to really go places on a day trip exploring the shoreline.

The Koa Duo Sport comes ready with two Deluxe backrests and two dry hatches.


  • Length 377 cm
  • Width 88 cm
  • Height 45 cm
  • Weight 30 kg
  • Max capacity 218 kg
  • Made in UK
  • High density polyethylene


  • 6″ screw hatches with pull out bag (2)
  • accessory attachment points
  • adjustable Deluxe Backrests with seat pads
  • bow bungee paddle park
  • drain bung
  • ergonomic moulded-in footbrace
  • moulded central child seat faces forwards or back
  • moulded water bottle holder
  • sculpted integral seats
  • self-bailing scupper holes
  • side, bow and stern grab handles
  • stable multi-chine hull shape with full keel
  • stern tank well with bungee
  • water-shedding deck
  • wave-piercing bow

Outfitting + Features

Shaped for the surf
The Koa's bow jumps over waves and cuts through choppy water. In the surf, water sheds quickly from the deck, putting you in control.

Contoured integral seats
Comfortable to paddle without the added foam backrest, the three seat areas are sculpted to give you support and a good sitting position.

Third centre seat
Paddle in tandem with two or three people. The sculpted centre seat has it's own footbrace and attachment points to fit a backrest. You find the Koa Duo surprisingly nimble piloted by just one person from the centre seat too.

Adjustable Deluxe Backrest
Two comfortable and supportive high-back foam seats. Easy to remove for transport and simple to adjust, they snaps into the D-ring attachment points on the deck of your boat.

Ergonomic mould-in footbrace
Four foot positions (and three for the centre seat) with heel and toe support so that all paddlers, large or small, can feel comfortable, connected and in control.

Side, bow and stern grab handles
Smooth, simple and strong; flush handles that let you carry your kayak like a suitcase, drag on or off water, and help lift it up or down from a roof rack.

Two 6″ screw hatch
Easy to reach while you’re paddling, the watertight centre screw hatch has an internal bag to keep things oraganised. A great place to keep your snacks and sunscreen.

Mount point for phone/camera
Capture the moment or record you journey – a 6 mm threaded attachment point compatible with a number of different accessory mounts (camera mount not included).

Bow bungee paddle park
Elastic bungee cord at the front of the Koa gives you somewhere to easily stash your paddle or stow a drybag.

Stern tankwell
Space to stow things out of the way right behind you in the tankwell. The bungee cord will keep things from moving around and is a good place to clip your drybag into.

Self-bailing scupper holes
Any water that ends up in your sitting area will drain away through the self draining scupper holes. Supplied with rubber scupper-bungs to plug these holes if you need to.

Drain bung
From time to time, should any water end up inside your sit-on-top, you can drain the water out just by standing it on end.

Drink/accessory holder
With bungeed cord fastenings, this spot, easily reachable from where you paddle, is perfect for a water bottle.

D-ring accessory attachment points
Sturdy stainless steel clip points for attaching your seat or other accessories.

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