Wetsuit Accessories

Need any wetsuit accessories?

We have you covered - hoods, jackets and wetsuit bags.

Jobe Neoprene Hood


Jobe Neoprene Hood This 4.0 mm super stretch neoprene hood keeps your dome nice and toasty in any w..

Jobe Neoprene Jacket


Jobe Neoprene Jacket The Jobe neoprene jacket is engineered with 1.5mm full stretch soft and comfy ..

Northcore "Hook Up" Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger


Northcore "Hook Up" Magnetic Wetsuit Hanger The Northcore "Hook Up" hanger is a versatile silicone ..

Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer


Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer Innovative Wetsuit Dryer designed for fast drying. Remember the days ..

Xcel 2mm Drylock Hood


Xcel 2mm Drylock Hood Xcel's all new drylock hood All New Celliant Black = Stay Warmer Quic..

Xcel TDC Hooded Longsleeve Shirt


Xcel Thermo Dry Celliant (TDC) Hooded Longsleeve Shirt Ideal as a base layer for added warmth, wit..

GUL Evolite Beanie


GUL Evolite Beanie The Gul beanie has been designed to keep the heat locked in with second skin fit..

Sola 2mm Superstretch Beanie


Sola 2mm Superstretch Beanie The Sola 2mm Superstretch Beanie is 100% 2mm superstretch neoprene t..

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