Segla Gear

Segla Gear - Engineered Carbon Fibre Blades.

Segla Gear engineers are not content with merely creating products that are on par with those of other market-driven brands. They are passionate developers who are constantly searching for ways to improve their solutions, materials, and products. Their team is committed to pushing the boundaries and challenging themselves to create innovative, durable, and reliable gear that stands out from the crowd.

At Segla Gear, they are driven by a passion for their craft and a commitment to excellence. They’re not satisfied with merely keeping up with the competition; they’re determined to set the standard.

Segla Ikigai West Greenland Carbon Paddle


Segla Ikigai West Greenland Carbon Paddle Introducing the all-NEW Segla Ikigai- the ultimate hybrid..

Segla Serpent Carbon Paddle


Segla Serpent Carbon Fibre Paddle The Segla Serpent is the companion of the Segla Ultimax but with ..

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