Surf Wax

Wondering what is surf wax and which surf wax will work for you? Grab your essential surf wax from Get On The Water - we stock Cold, Cool, Warm and Tropical wax to ensure a grippy surf session!

Finding the best surf wax depends on what works for you, thankfully we have plenty of options to offer below.

Butta Tropical Surfwax


Butta Tropical Surfwax Best for water temperatures above 76ºF [24ºC] Weight 100g Handmade in th..

Butta Warm Surfwax


Butta Warm Surfwax Best for water temperatures between 66 - 76ºF [19 - 24ºC] Weight 100g Handma..

DEWAX.IT - Wax Remover


DEWAX.IT - Wax Remover Surfers have always been passionate about protecting their environment "Blue..

Northcore Bamboo Surf Wax Comb


Northcore Bamboo Surf Wax Comb What could be more natural than a wooden wax comb? This environment..

Wax Buddy Wax Comb


Wax Buddy Wax Comb The next generation wax comb for cleaning wax from your board The WAX BUDDY i..

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