Watershed® drybags have durability built into each fibre.

Watershed Fabric

Most drybags on the market today aren’t built to last. Coated in cheap PVC, they wear out quickly and become stiff in cold weather — not to mention, they release toxic fumes into the environment. Watershed use polyurethane-coated fabric, that has an extra strong and grippy coating of Watershed’s new Kryptothane Plus, an 840 denier nylon base, which is chemically stable and provides five times the abrasion resistance of PVC. This means that Watershed® drybags perform better and last longer than other drybags.

Watershed Seams

Seams are a known weak point of many outdoor bags — they’re often the first place a bag splits, rips, and tears until it’s no longer intact. At Watershed®, they don’t just throw in an extra stitch or two to strengthen their seams. Instead, they double- and triple-layer their fabric at meeting points and weld joints together with high pressure radio waves. This creates an ultra-strong seamless bond built to last through the toughest conditions.

Watershed Design

Watershed® was created by river guides more than 20 years ago. Frustrated by the lack of drybag options available to them, they meticulously crafted one that met all of their needs. Today, the Watershed® team continues to obsess over every detail of their bags so that they solve every outdoorsman’s problems. Design features like multiple lash points, compression straps, a wide opening, and comfortable straps ensure that your drybag never feels like a burden.

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