Nexen 6m Wing

Nexen 6m Wing

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Nexen 6m Wing

Nexen wanted to build a range of wings that would be fast, go to weather and have a high degree of control through a range of conditions and manoeuvres.

Nexen Wings have the following key characteristics:

1. Lightweight

A progressive blend of fabrics, used to maximise durability and minimise weight - 5M is just 2.85kg!

2. Stiff Strut Sections

Improves performance especially when pumping and in gusts

3. Positive Dihedral

Offering optimum stability when powered and free surfing

4. Tight Canopy and Leech

Proprietary canopy design that transfer load efficiently and trailing edge tension to avoid flutter

5. Rigid Handles

Carbon handlebars for the ultimate in feel and control

6. Tapered Wingtips

Excellent dynamic balance and light feel in maneuvers

Technical Specification

  • Xply panels located for maximum canopy strength
  • Main canopy of quality polyester ripstop
  • Kevlar patches on struts in abrasion areas for land and snow use
  • Carbon handles with rubber overlay for feel and control
  • Dual strut SUP values for safety, as well as quick inflation and deflation
  • Inflate to 8psi - tested to 20psi

Designed by Dudu Mazzocato Fortaleza, Brazil

Tested extensively in Phuket, Thailand, Squamish, Canada, Hood River, USA and Sunshine Coast, Australia

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