AXIS Progressive Carbon Rear Wing 300

AXIS Progressive Carbon Rear Wing 300

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AXIS Progressive Carbon Rear Wing 300

The AXIS Progressive 250/56, 275/58 and 300/61 rear wings are performance wings for advanced riders. The excel in tow foiling, prone /SUP foiling and wing foiling, ideally paired with higher performance front wings such as HPS, ART and PNG wings.

The main characteristics of these new smaller Progressive rears are, much higher speeds due to lower drag, yet they retain control and can be pushed to perform in extreme situations.

The AXIS team riders are raving about how well balanced and confidence-inspiring the new small Progressive wings are. The speed, control, turning ability and grip for their size is incredible. There is however a small penalty to pump ability as size decreases.

So how do you use these new sizes:
James Casey's go-to for prone in most conditions is the 275/58, while for Downwinding he prefers the 300/61.

The 300/61 Progressive turns brilliantly, but has the added benefit of more pump-ability and predictability. If he has to contend with a fast mid-sized wave day, then the 250/56 is the one.

The AXIS wing-foiling team has been blown away by these small progressives paired with even the largest of the ART range, improving the turning performance of these larger wings and boosting speed significantly.

These new Progressives look tiny, but the higher speeds that you achieve with them mean greater stabilising forces that don't come at the expense of manoeuvrability.

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