Echomax 180 Radar Reflector

Echomax 180 Radar Reflector

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Date Available: 30-12-2023
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Echomax 180 Radar Reflector

The Echomax 180 radar reflector is the ideal radar reflector for a 6 to 8 metre vessels.

The Echomax EM180 has a documented maximum radar cross section of 8M2 and is suitable for vessels up to 7-8 metres. Echomax have utilised the largest possible patented symmetrical stacked array with the smallest possible robust Polyethylene case with minimum windage and weight. The EM180 is suitable for deck, mast mount fixing, or halyard suspension and is available in white, orange or yellow. Used extensively on marine buoys and for tsunami warning buoys.

Height: 478mm (overall)
Width: 197mm (overall)
Fixing Centres: 435mm
Fixings: 2 x 8mm stainless eyelets
Weight: 1.4kg


  • 38102 - EM180 Mast Bracket Set
  • 38105 - EM180 Deck Bracket Set

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