hf Turtle Back

hf Turtle Back

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hf Turtle Back

The HF Turtle Back is a versatile and comfortable carrying system for your kayak - allowing you to carry your kayak on your back like a rucksack.

The HF Turtle Back is great for walking into the river as well as portages on long and narrow terrain where you want both hands free.

The Turtle Back fits most modern kayaks with a central pillar and comes in a compact bag, meaning it is easy to stow away in your kayak when on the river.


  • Comes in handy stow bag
  • Fits most modern kayaks with central pillar
  • Provides comfortable and easy transport for your kayak
  • Alleviates uneven strain on your body from carrying your kayak on one shoulder
  • Ideal for multi-day trips with loaded kayaks and long walks

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