K4 SUP Wave Rear Flex Fin - US

K4 SUP Wave Rear Flex Fin - US

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K4 SUP Wave Rear Flex Fin - US

The original K4 SUP Wave Rear Flex fin for performance wave riding and the first choice for pro team riders. Great flex for amazing grip and looseness on the wave. Raked template for control. A progressive foil for different flows between tip and base. Will loosen up a ‘stiff’ board.

The rear fins are available in 16cm (6.30"), 17cm (6.70"), 18cm (7.08") and 20cm (7.87").

Sold as a single fin.

US Finbox Design

Dynamic Flex

Dynamic Flex is the rippers choice. It's K4's original flex fin material. Its ability to flex and spring back to its original shape means crazy grip and extreme angles of attack and epic round house turns. You'll also find it easier to crank back up hard at the critical section, then gouge or project off the lip. The K4 original yellow fins, Dynamic Flex for ripping!

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