Nookie Octane Womens Drysuit

Nookie Octane Womens Drysuit

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Nookie Octane Womens Drysuit

The Nookie Octane Womens drysuit is the first ever womens specific drysuit to feature in the renowned Nookie U.K made drywear range. Designed for women by women!

Colourway - Orange, Black & Grey

Designed around the unique female form using anthropometric data to create a considered fit to suit women.

The key features to distinguish this drysuit are the shorter arm and leg lengths; reflected in women’s physiques. A slightly contoured hip pattern to accommodate a modest hip curve without creating the pantaloon effect! Slimmer sleeves with reduced wrist and neck circumference for a comfortable seal.

The Octane Drysuit is designed for you to use on a quick blast on your local play wave, to a long weekend club paddle or even an expedition adventure. The easy to use drop seat offers relief without having to take off all your layers. Featuring the reliable TiZip® Masterseal 10 waterproof zip, the drop seat is dry, easy to close and fits comfortably under your spraydeck and between your back rest and hip pads.

The specifications of the Octane Drysuit follow the same ethos of all our drywear which has an impressive reputation for quality, durability, comfort and exceptional fit. The seamless underarm paddle-zones allow freedom when reaching for those all important paddle strokes. Easy to put on, the rear entry waterproof Masterseal Ti Zip® is supple, and for the more flexible among us can be zipped up and undone on your own.

Double layer latex and neoprene neck and cuffs secure a dry seal with the fabric socks. The asymmetric comfortable fabric socks (they fit your left or right foot), have limited seams to make them last longer. Wear them with socks inside as a base layer and shoes over the top.

The double layer twin waist offers a better dry seal when in a kayak with a spraydeck. The outer waist is deep sharkskin lined neoprene for grip with low snag velcro adjusters for an extra secure fit.

Our proven EvoTX4 4ply Nylon technical fabric is an exceptional waterproof and breathable flexible fabric that has such a reliable reputation we don’t use anything else if we want to keep you dry. Reinforced with EvoTX4 500D Nylon in high wear areas this drysuit will withstand plenty of knocks and scrapes. The whole Octane is waterproof taped on every seam and is coated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR) for one more layer of water resistance. This highly technical piece of kayaking equipment is finished off with retro-reflective detailing and stylish red trim.

Both of the designers at Nookie HQ are ladies who between them have decades of experience designing and making successful technical clothing as well as kayaking out in the elements. So you know this is a drysuit for real women by women.

Quality control is a fundamental part of our manufacturing process. We are proud of the high quality construction and finish of our garments. You only need to turn one of our products inside-out to see the flawless colour matched waterproof taping to be re-assured of our British made quality.

We don’t just test one in a batch, we test every single one. From our experience, if there is a small leak in a seam it’s a minor imperfection and cannot be accounted for statistically, so we don’t trust just a visual inspection we choose to pressure test every single suit to be confident in every drysuit that leaves our factory.


  • Waterproof and breathable 4ply dry suit
  • 4ply fabric 160D Nylon – 20,000 W/P / 5,000 MVP – flexible and soft to the touch
  • Reinforced 4ply fabric 500D Nylon– 20,000 W/P / 3,000 MVP – on high wear areas; elbows, seat, knees and all cuffs
  • Hydrophobic and Hydrophillic coated with Durable Water Repellant
  • Anatomical dynamic cut ideal for kayaking upper body rotations
  • Seamless under-arms for comfort and durability
  • Asymmetric fabric socks with minimal seams and 500D Nylon throughout
  • MasterSeal Ti Zip with back entry
  • MasterSeal Ti Zip Drop Seat
  • Inner latex neck and wrist cuffs
  • Adjustable outer waist tube with power-up velcro
  • Neoprene outer neck and wrist cuffs for protection and extra seal
  • Dive quality waterproof taping on all seams
  • Low snag adjustable velcro outer ankle cuffs
  • Retro-reflective detailing
  • Every single suit is pressure tested and approved before leaving our factory
  • Made in Cornwall, England

Fabric Tech

EvoTX4 4ply Fabric

1. Durable 160D Nylon face fabric that is flexible and soft to the touch. Coated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR)

2. Hydrophobic, microporus coating

3. Hydrophillic grey coating (grey is more durable than standard white)

4. Nylon 20D Tricot Mesh for wicking

Waterproofness: 20,000mm/H2O

Breathability: 5,000g/m2/24hrs

EvoTX4 500D Reinforced Nylon Fabric

1. Durable 500D Nylon face fabric that is as tough as Cordura. Coated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR)

2. Hydrophobic, microporus coating

3. Hydrophillic grey coating (grey is more durable than standard white)

4. Nylon 20D Tricot Mesh for wicking

Waterproofness: 20,000mm/H2O

Breathability: 3,000g/m2/24hrs


All our women’s drysuits are designed to accommodate an overall height of 160cm-172cm / 5’3”-5’8”.
The adjustable outer cuff makes it simple to reduce the fit for a shorter leg.
If you still need extra height we can add a longer sock which increases the inside leg length. Please contact us.

As with any one piece suit, choosing the right size to fit you can be complicated with different heights and dress sizes.
We have tried to be as comprehensive as possible with this size chart, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
The suits are designed to fit with insulation layers underneath so are fairly generous, if you prefer a tighter fit, you may drop down to a smaller size than you expect.
If you are fairly short, you may find you can go down a size.
If you are fairly tall, you may find you need to go up a size.
The way a one piece fits is the entire garment changes with the volume within it.

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