SIC RST (SF) 14.0 x 21.0 LV

SIC RST (SF) 14.0 x 21.0 LV

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SIC RST (SF) 14.0 x 21.0 LV

Elite Race | Fitness | Touring

The SIC RST is the new all-water dugout raceboard.

The NEW RST all-water race and touring board has a dugout cockpit and provides exceptional rough water agility in chop and heavy swell, but does not compromise its excellent glide in the flats. It's your one-board quiver for all your racing and touring needs.

The NEW RST all-water raceboard has a dugout cockpit and is made with lightweight Super Fly moulded Carbon sandwich construction. Its exceptional rough water agility in chop and heavy swell does not compromise its excellent glide in the flats.

The Super Fly (SF) construction has been a massive leap forward in durability, stiffness and overall performance. With a full PVC wrapped core to give the board tremendous impact resistance with its tip-to-tail / 360-degree rail-to-rail wrap few boards can compare.

Ideal For

  • Entry level and advanced racing
  • All water racing conditions
  • Rough water racing conditions
  • Flatwater racing
  • Fitness paddling


  • Length 14'0"
  • Width 21.0"
  • Thickness 10'' / 25.4 cm
  • Board weight 10.5kg
  • Volume 240 L
  • Shaper - Mark Raaphorts
  • Fins setup - Single US Fin Box
  • Center fin - Weedless 8.3"
  • Fins supplied - 8.3" Weedles 3K Carbon
  • Handle type - SIC EZ GRAB
  • Max riders weight - 145 lbs / 65 kg

Key Features and Benefits

  • SUPER FLY CONSTRUCTION - Lightweight moulded Carbon sandwich construction
  • HIGH BOW VOLUME AND RAISED SPINE - Increase ability to shed water going upwind or during drafting
  • CHANNEL BOTTOM REMOVAL AND DECREASED TAIL WIDTH - Improved water release, better turns, and enhanced surf agility
  • 2X RACE HANDLES - For race starts and ease getting back on to the board
  • LOWERED, FLATTENED, AND BROADENED DUGOUT - Increased stability for rough water handling and maximized standing area
  • BORROWED ROCKER LINE WITH NOSE KICK - Proven flatwater speed and glide as well as manoeuvrability in the bumps
  • ROUNDED RAILS IN FRONT AND REAR THIRD - Higher top-end speed in the flats and more control riding the bumps and catching a swell
  • EZ GRAB HANDLE WITH INTEGRATED VENTURI DRAIN - For transport ease and swift water evacuation to keep the cockpit dry

SUPER FLY (SF) is constructed with a lightweight EPS core that is fully wrapped in high-density PVC tip-to-tail and 360 degree around the rail and then sandwiched between fiberglass and carbon fibre for superior stiffness, durability, and performance.

SUP Board
Length 14'0"
Width 21.0"
Volume 240L
Board Weight 23.1 lbs / 10.5 kg

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