Get On The Water are proud to stock the awesome range of surfboards by Light Bord Corp.

Light surfboards are manufactured in their own factory in Bali and in Matta’s surfboard factory in Portugal.

All boards are based on shaping ledgend - Richard Evans’ 40 years of shaping experience.

Richard originates from Marouba, New South Wales in Australia and is now a Bali resident and is one of the few listed shapers to make the Australian shapers hall of fame.

He guarantees the best workmanship and creates the best shapes with his vast CAD skills.

The combination of hand shaping experience and wizard CAD skills puts the Light Board Corp boards at the highest level.

All the workers have many years of experience in sanding and glassing and pride themselves in delivering high quality and high performance surfboards.

Light Board's are ridden to the highest level all over the world by some of the World's best surfers - Team Riders include

Andy Schwarz, Mega Semadhi & Arne Bergwinkl.

Micro Log


Micro Log The MICRO LOG is the ultimate wave catching machine for longboarders who want ..



Minion The MINION is fast and fun with unique glide sensation and potential to aggressive tur..



POD The POD is a super versatile shape and can be ridden in the 1ft to 6ft range. Effort..

RC Croozer


RC Croozer The RC CROOZER is designed for heavyweight larger surfers and comes with a wider forward..

Retro Twin


Retro Twin The RETRO TWIN opens up the performance window of the traditional fish while k..

The Bomb - Orange and Black


The Bomb - Orange and Black The BOMB Series is a modern blend of a mini log that takes high volume/..

The Bomb - White and Blue


The Bomb - White and Blue The BOMB Series is a modern blend of a mini log that takes high volume/lo..

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