Whetman Sea Contact Tow MKII

Whetman Sea Contact Tow MKII

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Whetman Sea Contact Tow MKII

The Whetman Sea Contact Tow is a short contact line for quick close contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak.

  • Quick release stainless cam buckle with cord.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Port & Starboard colour coded webbing.
  • Two snag free Whetman Equipment Kraken karabiners.

Made in the UK by Whetman Equipment

  • Contact Rescue
  • Kayak retrieval
  • Kayak rafting
  • Towing
  • Kayak leash

Contact Tow

The primary application is a very short quick "contact" towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow or deckline of the casualty boat, putting the bow adjacent to the cockpit area of the rescuer.

A diagonal contact across the deck pulls the casualty boat into the side & also offers the quick release to be viewed on the front deck. To activate the quick release pull the cord or pull the webbing tail to release the cam buckle. With a slight applied tension the webbing will then slide through & disconnect the system.

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