YAK Kallista 50N Buoyancy Vest Black - Adult

YAK Kallista 50N Buoyancy Vest Black - Adult

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YAK Kallista 50N Buoyancy Vest

The YAK Kallista buoyancy aid is an exceptional and trustworthy flotation device designed to maximise safety and comfort during water sports activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding.

The YAK Kallista buoyancy aid boasts a rugged yet lightweight construction, making it suitable for extended use in various water environments. Constructed using high-density foam panels and nylon materials that offer exceptional buoyancy properties to help keep its user afloat in the water, its durable yet lightweight nature allows it to remain on your back comfortably for hours on end.

One of the standout features of the YAK Kallista buoyancy aid is its ergonomic design. Crafted to ensure maximum comfort and freedom of movement for users, its adjustable straps on shoulders and sides allow for customized fits ensuring a secure feel and snug and secure feel for users.

The buoyancy aid also features multiple pockets and attachment points to offer convenient storage for essential items, such as small gear, snacks or whistles. This design enables users to quickly access their belongings on the water - adding both convenience and practicality.

Safety-wise, the YAK Kallista buoyancy aid was created to meet or surpass industry standards. Equipped with reflective detailing and bright colours to increase visibility during low light conditions and aid rescuers in quickly finding its wearer, the aid also features a sturdy front zipper closure system and quick release buckle for reliable closure and quick release closure system ensuring secure closure systems.

YAK Kallista buoyancy aid is available in different sizes to fit different body shapes and sizes comfortably, providing users with optimal safety and buoyancy. When choosing the appropriate size, it's essential for optimal safety and buoyancy.

Overall, the YAK Kallista buoyancy aid is an exceptional flotation device designed to bring functionality, comfort, and safety together in one package. No matter if you are new or experienced in water sports activities, this buoyancy aid will enhance your experience while giving peace of mind while enjoying aquatic adventures.


  • Robust outer cover material to improve wear characteristics and product longevity
  • Redesigned thinner, more flexible foam panels to offer greater wearer comfort
  • Optimised foam construction to give best balance of comfort and light weight
  • Fuss free front zip donning makes life simple and eliminates user confusion
  • Buckle free front panel which removes the most common potential snag point
  • Dual side adjustment to give the best possible fit and security in the water
  • Padded shoulder adjustment to allow a wide size range adjustment
  • Versatile front pocket, which is big enough to take the essentials (it’s all about the gram!!)
  • Secure in-seam key pocket, cunningly sitting between the foam to improve comfort
  • Reflective highlights to improve low light visibility

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